Service User Stories

Read about how much our support means to the people who matter most…


Brett came to us back in February 2010 after struggling to pay his bills, Brett agreed for the Friendly trust to help him manage his money. Brett was behind with his rent and was struggling to manage his money appropriately, usually spending all of his benefits in just a few days and being left with no money for the rest of the month, after agreeing a repayment amount we were able to clear his debt and help him move into his own flat, we continue to support Brett on a weekly basis offering advice and support around the management of his finances.

Brett now looks forward to opening his own bank account and saving to move to a new property which will enable him to be nearer  local amenities and continue to develop hi budgeting skills in order for him to be more financially independent.




The Friendly Trust has worked with Alan for 8 years. He was initially referred to us as he had little support, no access to his benefits and was homeless.

Over the years his Trust Offices have supported Alan to gain financial security and maintain his home.

He visits the office weekly to collect his money and now has significant savings so he can afford to go on regular holidays to places like Jamaica.

Alan attends the Service User group and made a significant contribution to the first Friendly Trust Newsletter.




The Friendly Trust is managing Olive’s pension and we are in the process of applying to the Court of Protection so that she can benefit from her savings. She wants to buy a new TV for her bedroom and some new winter clothes.


The Friendly Trust has worked with Gloria to help her organise her finances so that all her bills are paid and she can access her shopping and spending money from her own bank account.

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