Lasting Power of Attorney

This is a legal document that allows you to plan in advance the decisions and actions you might want taken on your behalf at a time when you are not able. The Friendly Trust can help you make a Lasting Power of Attorney for your property and affairs, appointing Attorneys you trust to act for you. The Lasting Power of Attorney will have to be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian before it can be used. The Friendly Trust can help you with this.

If there is no one you can ask to act as Attorney for you, then you may want to appoint The Friendly Trust. We will help you register the Power of Attorney and then when you need us to we can help to manage any and all aspects of your financial affairs in your best interests.

Some people ask us to become their Attorney so that we are better able to support them. In this case we would work with the individual to decide which aspects of their affairs they need help with, and which they prefer to manage themselves.
There is likely to be a charge if we are actively managing your money. We will talk to you about this if you ask us to help, to make sure you are fully aware of any costs before you make a decision.


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